There’s something mystical to me about a book. Even with the advent of e-readers, most of the world believes that a book is the perfect technology. It’s ancient, it holds its content and you have to open it to find out what’s inside. Someone wants to tell you something...or it may be the perfect receptacle for you to tell your own story. I do make blank books, but my favorite books without words have a variety of papers and even have pages that fold out in unexpected ways to inspire you as you’re using it.

The artist books that interest me most are conceptual and often have a surprising sculptural quality to them. Even if they are bound in traditional methods, the pages are often layered enough with ink, paint, thread or other materials to become more than two-dimensional.

You can visit a gallery of my books here. 




Boxes often get a bad rap. They can be seen as limiting:  We say, “boxed in” or “think outside the box."

But I love boxes. They hold treasures, secrets and surprises. They house and protect. It is impossible to pick one up without opening it, and the delight is to find out what is inside. I make boxes that are waiting for you to fill, most often using Japanese paper to cover them. I also make boxes to hold and contain my own books and paper structures.

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Occasionally I work in other media, including textiles or metal, or produce papers and textiles for your own creative work.


Hedi Kyle - Artist, Teacher, Magician

Flag books, spider books, blizzard books. Poetic names for book structures created by Hedi Kyle in the last few decades and shared generously with her students.